District 6 CIU May Newsletter

District 6 CIU


Det. Josh Smith, District 6 CIU officer for SLCPD is a consistent presence at our community council meetings.  As the assigned offcer for District 6 in the city, he is tasked with interacting with Wasatch Hollow residents with non emergency police matters.  As part of the service he provides to our community, Det. Smith publishes a monthly newsletter with tips on crime prevention and contact methods and procedural tips to help residents if and when they need to interact with SLCPD.

This month's newsletter explains the bicycle registration process for Salt Lake City and the role it plays in recovering stolen property.  to view teh newlsetter in pdf format, click here.

Got Speeders?

Have you ever watched someone speeding past your house and subsequently wondered where the police are when you need them?  Well, wonder no more.  At our September meeting, our CIU officer Det. Josh Smith, highlighted an online service to alert SLCPD to problem speeders in the community.  The service, called SPEEDWATCH, is a web tool that allows community members to report an incident and subsequently track the department's follow up efforts.

Read more: Salt Lake City Speedwatch

Salt Lake City Community Intelligence Unit




The Salt Lake City Police Department has a special unit devoted to grass roots problem solving within our community.  Officers attend community council meetings but their main role is to interact with the communities they are assigned to on a daily basis.  If you have an issue, problem or concern that requires police involvement, whether it be graffitti, noisy neighbors, drug or gang related activity or any other public safety issue, the CIU officer assigned to our neighborhood is a valuable resource for connecting you with the appropriate law enforcement or community resources to address the issue.

The officers currently assigned to our neighborhood are Det. Josh Smith (District 6) and Det. Bill Manzaneres (District 5).  Click their name to be taken to their contact information.