Wasatch Community Symphony Orchestra

Wasatch Symphony Community Orchestra


The Wasatch Community Symphony Orchestra, founded by Kenneth Kuchler in 1953, contributes positively to the musical environment of the area it serves by providing an opportunity for musical expression and growth among its membership.  The Orchestra is the oldest continuing community orchestra in the area.  Dr. Lawrence Spell was appointed as the Orchestra‚Äôs Music Director and Conductor in 2013.  The conductor and all musicians donate their time to rehearse and provide free concerts for the public.  For more information on the Orchestra, please visit their website.

The Orchestra provides free concerts to the community.  For the 2016 - 2017 season, there are 4 performances scheduled.  For more information on performances, please visit the performance schedule on their webiste.

The Green Urban Lunchbox
Green Urban Lunchbox FruitShare Program

The Green Urban Lunch Box runs numerous programs that utilize unused spaces to help provide food for vulnerable members of our community.  Their mission is to "Empower people to engage in local food production by using the resources available in their community. We do so by connecting people to a creative network of spaces and opportunities."  One of the ways they achieve their mission is through their FruitShare program.

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