The Rock 

Wasatch Hollow Park

Wasatch Hollow Park is the distinguishing geographic feature within the Council boundaries.  Sometimes referrred to as The Gully, or The Hollow, the park and the area surrounding it has been a playground, a working farm, and a source of water for the old state prison in Sugar House.  The area is home to Emigration Creek and Wasatch Hollow Community Park, and will soon include the Wasatch Hollow Open Space and Preserve, which will extend the boundaries up the creekbed to almost 19th East.

The story of how the park was formed is, in many ways, the story of the neighborhood.  Several of the interviews in our Oral History section talk about how "The Gully" was used as a playground by neighborhood children over the generations.  As those children grew up, many of them worked to ensure that the area would stay a natural space for future generations to enjoy.  The Interview section here includes stories of how the Wasatch Hollow Community Park and came into existence.

The park is also home to other community events.  Family picnics, community festivals, community clean up days and the annual visit by the city sponsored Friday Night Flicks are all held in the park.  Our Photo Gallery contains several albums documenting these uses over the years.

Currently, the park is set to undergo a city sponsored expansion, which will provide public access and create additional protected areas, restore native plants, and work to insure the creek is protected.  The plans, timing and progress of this effort can be tracked on the city's Open Space webpage.