Growing Up in the Wasatch Hollow Community

The first phase of the Oral History Project focused on the memories of residents that grew up in area in the 1920's - 1950's.  The interviews in this section provide a glimpse into the lives of our interviewees, and help tell the story of the area.  Many interviewees talk about playing in "the Gully" and discuss businesses in both the 15th and 15th area and the 13th and 17th section of the neighborhood.  Several of the interviews include pictures, documents and links to other relevant material.  Thank you to all the volunteers that made these interviews possible.  

The links in the menu on the right will take you directly to the article for the individual listed.  For further categorization of the Community Interview, you may also access the interviews by clicking the appropriate link in the table below.  


Interviews by Decade
1930's-1940's 1940's-1950's 1950's-1960's
Eleanor Ashton Badger (from 1920's) Kathryn Dunn Mawson Julie Johnson Monson
John N. Cannon Richard N. Cannon  Nichols Siblings
Glenn and Joy Snyder Jensen Rowena Bowers Kenyon  
Jerry Dean Verl O'Brien  
Alice Cannon Schmidt Karen Gray Matthews  
Marilyn Openshaw Chapman Carolyn Watrous Taylor  
Howard B. Vanfleet Brent McMaster  1960's - 1970's
Ruth Cannon Siebers Joseph N. Cannon  Gordon Carmen
Donna Wood Johnson John Rapp  Clark Knowlton
John Christensen Pete Schwager  Wayne Horner
Reid Johnson Hunter and Richard Hale  
Rosemary Schwertz Lindbeck  Charlotte Hawkins England  
 Ellenore Ann Glade  Marlene Vernon and Bonnie Vernon Lloyd  
 Diane McMaster McCoun    
 Allen Brown    
Helen Campbell Patterson